Most Popular Indian Dog Names in Hindi

Popular Hindi Dog Names

Dogs aren't that popular in India but those who own them like to give them a unique and long lasting name. Although there aren't many breeds of dogs that India is known for, still there are some which truly belong to the land of Hindus (although India is a land of people belonging to diverse religions and castes). Some of the popular breeds of dogs in India are - Rajapalayam, Combai, Kanni, Indian Mastiff or Bulli, Mudhol Hound, Jonangi, and Gaddi Kutta.

There are many articles on the web which have detailed information about the above mentioned breed dogs. This article is for those people who owns one of these Indian dogs and are unable to decide what name they give to their pet so that it comes running towards them wagging its tail when they call him. Given below are some of the most popular names in Hindi language for the dogs.

Hindi is actually written in the Devanagari script and uses some Sanskrit words as well, but for the sake of the readers of this blog, which we assume are mainly English speaking, we will try to write the Hindi words representing dog names in English along with their meaning for easy understanding.

Alphabetically Listed Hindi Dog Names

1. Aashiq - It means lover. If you love your dog you will shore love him. This is suitable for male dogs.

2. Akbar - This name actually was the name of great Mughal emperor who is well respected in India for the way he ruled India by giving true respect to religions of all community.

3. Akshay - Means imperishable, indefectible, everlasting. It also means sacred. One of the popular bollywood (Indian filma industry) star's is named after it. You can search who is (I know you know it).

4. Bala - It means Babe or Girl, a Siren to be correct. This name is quite popular for female dogs in India.

5. Bhola - It means innocent. This name is perfect for simple minded and gullible dog.

6. Buddhu - Do you have a thick headed pet dog? If yes, the name 'Buddhu' is perfect for it. It means 'goofy'.

7. Chay Wala - This is new one and is getting popular by the day. Don't ask me the reason. It literally means 'Tea Seller'.

8. Dhulmul - It means the one with wavering mind. A dog that is hesitant should be named 'Dhulmul' in hindi.

9. Dhoni - Well MS Dhoni is one of the most popular cricket captain of Indian team. With love people like to name their pet after his name. Captain himself is a dog lover.

10. Dilbar - Good name for a dog which is a 'sweet darling' of yours.

11. Diggi - A nickname of popular politican is also a popular dog name in land of over 125 billion people.

12. Eeshwar - It means 'God'. In India everything is considered as a forms of god. Even inside dog the god lives. If you have similar feeling seeing your dog - go for this name. But be careful as it might not be liked by few.

13. Hina - In India the ladies use myrtle to create tattoos and designs on hands and legs on happy occasions. It is related with happiness. It is used as a name for female dogs in India. Also a film was made by this name in which a beautiful actress from nearby nation Pakistan featured.

14. kalu - it is a sweetened name for a black dog. In Hindi blank means kala.

15. Lolo - It does not mean anything. It is like a 'lol' in English which people use this days in conversation. Mostly used for female pups.

16. Laddu - Actually a name for sweet made of gram flour and sweetener like sugar in India. It is round is shape. This name is especially given to small puppies who are round in shape and sweet looking (all puppies look sweet).

17. Motu  - fat dogs are named mota or motu.

18 Noopur - means anklet which is an ornament for the feet. It has small bells which make sound when someone wearing it moves. Among the local women and men it is known by the name 'payal'.

19. Om Kar - Om is a sound of cosmos from which everything is believed to have materialized. It is a name with good weight that can make your pet look standing in a different queue from others.

20. Raju - it means one which is happy in any situation. If your dog is adjustable nature and is happy chappy  - name it raju.

21. Sikander - Alexander the great is called 'Sikander' in Hindi. Not much I need to say after that.

22. Tiger - it is actually English word but is used as it is in Hindi. Although Cheetah is its meaning in Hindi, but tiger is much more popular for naming pups.

23. Usha - means Dawn or Morn. Used for female doggies.

24. Vasundhara - means beautiful earth. 

Some other popular doggy names

While traveling across India people are seen calling their dogs with these others names which have no meaning in a true sense - aloo, bhuriya, bhok, chutiya, dholu, fussy, gabru, golu, gujju, kaliya, kuchu, lobu, monu, nata, nicky, omygod, poku, quotestu, savita, tipty, ubuntu, vizak, whola, yakub, zero.

Some Suggestions For naming Dogs

  1. Don't name your dog with the name similar to the name of the dog of your neighbor. If you do, you will face many problems like - the other dog might come and sleep with you if you just take the name of your dog with love, the two dogs can end up at same place at same time resulting in a fight.
  2. Don't name your dogs on the name of your family members. This might result in a homely fight and thus affecting the cordial relations.
  3. Try and see which name your dog likes. Just murmur few names in front of your dog and note down the one by hearing which the doggy wags its tail the most. It is a clear sign that the dog wants that name.
  4. Avoid naming dogs after the names of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Someone might file a case against you blaming you for hurting his/her religious feelings if you do so.
  5. Don't you ever try to change the name of dog after few years of naming ceremony. Just like you, dogs take great pride in their name. Changing name of dogs can create whole sort of problems for them, including their relationships with other dogs. Although they might still use their nose to smell pick the correct buddy.
  6. Take great care for naming the dogs, especially if you have bought the street dog. The street dogs usually don't like pet dogs. If the street dog hear a name of a foe he might loose his temper and attack you.
I hope that the dog names mentioned in this article ( for Hindi dogs) will help you in naming your dog and also you will keep in mind the suggestions listed above.

Most popular female dog names | Complete A to Z List

Female Dog Names

- A -

Abebi - African - A blessing. This baby girl is truly a gift from God.
Abigail or Abby - Hebrew - Father is rejoicing. What a blessing this pet will be.
Abra - Hebrew - A feminine form of Abraham who was the Father of many nations.
Abra - A saint of the 4th century who died when only 18 years old.
Acacia - Greek - Innocent and honest. This girl dog will find it hard to tell a lie.
Ada - English - Rich. This girl dog has chew-toys to spare.
Ada - A French nun and saint who lived in the 7th century.
Adar - Hebrew - The 6th month of the Jewish year.
Adara - Arabic - A maiden.
Adelaide or Della - German - One with noble qualities.
Adelaide - A city in southern Australia. Also was a saint who lived in the 10th century who is noted for her missionary work to the Slavs.
Aden - A gulf in the Arabian Sea.
Adina - Hebrew - Lovely. She's the most beautiful girl dog you've ever seen.
Aditi - Hindu - Liberty. This girl dog doesn't much care for discipline.
Adolpha - German - The female form of Adolf, which means a noble wolf. She reminds you of her wild cousins.
Adonia - Greek - The feminine form of Adonis, which means beautiful.
Adoria - Latin - Has adorable qualities. You can't help but fall in love with this girl dog.
Adrienne - French - One who is dark. An excellent name for any black dog.
Agatha - Greek - One who has good qualities. This girl dog is the pick of the litter.
Agatha - The patron saint of nurses. For the girl dog that belongs to a nurse.
Agnes - The patron saint of girls.
Ahaggar - A chief mountain range in Africa.
Aidan - Irish - Small flame. This little girl dog is full of passion.
Alabaster - A great name for your solid-white dog.
Alanna - Hawaiian - Of the sky.
Alberta - French - A bright and noble person. A wonderful name for your distinguished pure-bred dog.
Albina - A little christian girl who was martyred in Rome in 250 A.D. She became a saint.
Albinia - Latin - White.
Alesia - Greek - An assistant. This little girl dog will delight in helping out around the house.
Aleta - Greek - Traveler. This pet just loves to go places.
Alexandra or Alex - Greek - Protector of man. A great name for your guard dog.
Alfreda - English - Elf counselor. A good name for any small breed of dog.
Alice - German - One with noble qualities.
Alice - "Things keep getting 'curioser' and 'curioser.'"
Alida - Spanish - An aristocrat. This girl dog comes from champion blood lines.
Aline - Russian - The shining one. This girl dog stands out in a pack.
Alisha - German - Someone having excellent qualities. This pure-bred dog is flawless.
Allegra - Italian - Happy. This baby girl won't tolerate any sadness.
Allegro - A musical term meaning fast. This pet is all about speed.
Alley - This dog has been known to hang out between buildings looking for left-overs.
Allison - English - An honest girl. This dog cannot tell a lie.
Alma - Spanish - Full of fire or spirit.
Almira - Arabic - Full of truth.
Aloha - Hawaiian - Hello and good-bye.
Alpha - Greek - First letter of the Greek alphabet. A good name for your first girl dog.
Alta - Latin - The pinnacle. This girl is your top-dog.
Alula - Arabic - The first. A good name for your first girl dog.
Alva - Latin - Fair-haired.
Alzena - Arabic - Lady.
Amanda or Mandy - Latin - Endearing. This dog does your heart good.
Amber - An appropriate name for your brownish-yellow colored dog.
Ambrosia - Greek and Roman Mythology - The food of the gods.
Amelia - German - One who is industrious. This girl dog is always busy.
Amelia - Amelia Earhart was the 1st woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. A great name for your independent-spirited dog.
Amity - A term that means friendly relations. You couldn't meet a nicer girl dog.
Amy - French - Beloved. This girl dog is naturally lovable.
Anastasia - Greek - Resurrection. A great name for the dog that you rescued from an animal shelter. Also is the patron saint of weavers.
Anatola - Greek - One from the east.
Andrea - A female form of Andre.
Andromeda - Greek Mythology - An Ethiopian princess rescued and then married to Perseus.
Angel or Angelina - You feel like this girl dog is looking out for you in so many ways.
Anna - The 89 year old prophetess who prophecied Jesus Christ's mission when he was presented in the temple. An appropriate name for an aged, adopted dog.
Annabel - Latin - One who is loved.
Anne - The patron saint of home-makers.
Annie - Your adopted, orange-colored, orphan-girl dog.
Annis - Greek - Complete or united. This girl dog will bring your family together.
Antonia - Latin - One who is priceless. This girl dog can't be bought and sold.
Antonina - A 4th century Christian woman tortured and martyred by the Romans. She became a saint.
Aphrodite - Greek Mythology - The goddess of love and beauty. She's every boy dog's object of desire.
Apollonia - The patron saint of dentists. For the girl dog that belongs to a dentist.
April - A good name for the girl dog born in the month of April.
Ara - Latin - An altar. It is also a southern constellation of stars. This definition has been provided by Jennifer K. Thank You Jennifer.
Ardeen - Latin - Eager. This girl dog is enthusiastic about life.
Aretha - This dog is the queen of soul.
Aria - An operatic solo. This dog needs no back-up in her barking.
Ariel - She'd like to be, under the sea.
Arlene - Your poodle-skirt-wearing dog.
Artemis - Greek Mythology - The goddess of the moon and hunting. A great name for the girl dog that seems to come alive at night.
Ashley - English - Name meaning an ash tree by a meadow.
Asia - A great Oriental dog-breed name.
Aster - A plant with flowers resembling a daisy.
Astra - Greek - Star. This dog demands attention.
Astrid - Scandinavian - Power from God. A super guard dog name.
Athena - Greek Mythology - Goddess of wisdom. The other dogs come to her for advice.
Audrey - English - Strong and exalted.
Aura - This girl dog has a special quality that surrounds her.
Aurea - A Spanish saint of the 9th century who was beheaded for her faith.
Aurora - The proper name of Sleeping Beauty.
Aurora or Rory - Roman Mythology - Goddess of the dawn. This dog's barking begins at sunrise.
Autumn - This pet has the coloring of turning leaves.
Ava - "I'm most comfortable in diamonds and pearls."
Avril - This dog loves to rock!
Ayeska - Arabic - Mohammed's most-loved wife.

- B -

Bab - Arabic - The keeper of the gate. A wonderful name for any guard dog.
Babs - An appropriate name for your Barbra Streisand-loving dog.
Babushka - Russian - Grandmother.
Bambi - The long, lean, sporty dog who has a stump for a tail.
Banshee - Irish Folklore - A woman who wailed outside a house to signal impending death. This dog can't stop howling.
Barbara - The patron saint of architects. For the girl dog that belongs to an architect.
Barbie - Your toy-poodle dog would appreciate this name.
Basilia - Greek - Royalty. This girl dog comes from champion blood lines.
Beatrice or Bea - Latin - Bringer of blessings. This girl dog gives more than she receives.
Beauty - A lovely, solid-black dog.
Bega - An Irish saint who lived during the 7th century. She was noted for her tireless aid to the poor.
Begonia - A household plant with very showy flowers. This girl dog is a beautiful addition to your home.
Belinda - A variation of the Spanish word for beautiful. This girl dog has no flaws.
Belladonna - Italian - Beautiful lady.
Belle - French - An attractive woman or girl. Also, Beauty's real name in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
Berdine - French - One who is radiant.
Bernadette - French - One with great courage. A great name for your guard dog.
Bernadette - The famous saint associated with the healing waters of Lourdes, France.
Bertha - German - Bright and strong.
Bertha - A French saint who lived during the 8th century. She was a female hermit later in life.
Bessie - Old faithful. A dog who is always there when you need her.
Beta - The second letter of the Greek alphabet. Would be appropriate for you second pet dog.
Bethany - A town near Jerusalem where Lazarus lived. A wonderful name for the dog that you rescue from death.
Bethel - A town which was north of Jerusalem. The Bible states that Jacob was here when he dreamed of the ladder between heaven and earth.
Beulah - A name for the promised land in the Bible. This dog holds a lot of promise.
Beverly - English - Beaver's meadow.
Bevin - Irish - One who is in harmony.
Bianca - Italian - White.
Bianca - The beautiful female mouse in Disney's The Rescuers.
Bibi - Arabic - Feminine.
Bijou - Oui, Oui, a beautiful jewel of a dog.
Billie - She's a tomboy who gets hives at the sight of a dress.
Birdie - A Labrador retriever or Irish setter dog that loves to chase birds.
Blair - Irish - A dweller of the meadow.
Blanche - A French form of blanc, which means white. Another great name for your solid-white dog.
Blaze - "All the boy dogs think I'm hot."
Bliss - This girl dog provides you with priceless joy and happiness.
Blondie - A fantastic name for your platinum blond Maltese dog.
Blossom - This girl dog reminds you of a beautiful flower.
Blueberry - The perfect name for your Blue-Heeler dog.
Blythe - English - A merry and delightful one. This girl dog refuses to be sad.
Bolero - A very popular Spanish folk-dance. A great name for the dog that always seems to be dancing.
Bolshoi - A famous Russian ballet company. An appropriate name for your graceful, ballerina-dog.
Bon-Bon - Your extremely sweet Poodle dog would adore this name.
Bonita - Spanish - Beautiful.
Bonito - A large, fast ocean fish.
Bonnie - English - Name meaning pretty. This dog always looks her best.
Bo Peep - The little shepherd girl in Disney's Toy Story. A fantastic name for any shepherd breed of dog.
Botswana - An African country.
Brenda - Irish - Term for a baby raven. Your solid-black dog would appreciate this name.
Brianne - Irish - Courageous. A good guard dog name.
Briar Rose - Sleeping Beauty's name while she hid out in the woods.
Bridget - Irish - One who is strong.
Bridget - A Swedish saint who lived in the 15th century.
Brigid - The patron saint of students.
Brittany - Latin - One who comes from England. A good name for any English breed of dog.
Brooke - A super name for your water-loving Labrador retriever or Spaniel dog.
Brownie - Your little girl-scout pet.
Bubbles - This dog has a real bubbly personality.
Buena - Spanish - One who is worthy.
Buffy - "I enjoy slaying vampires and chasing tennis balls - not necessarily in that order."
Bunny - A white pet with pink skin like a bunny rabbit.
Butterfly - "You can find me frolicking amongst the flowers and the bushes."

- C -

Caesaria - A nun and saint who lived during the 6th century. She is noted for her care of the sick and children. For the dog that belongs to a pediatrician.
Cairo - The capital of Egypt. An unusual name for an unusual dog.
Calandra - Greek - A little bird.
Calla - Greek - Lovely. Everyone enjoys seeing this girl dog.
Callie - A dog with calico colors.
Calliope - Greek Mythology - One of the nine Muses. She was the Muse of epic poetry.
Callista - Greek - Full of beauty. You can't find a single flaw on this girl dog.
Calypso - According to Greek mythology, Odysseus stayed on this sea nymph's island for 7 years.
Cameroon - An African country.
Camilla - Latin - An attendant. This girl dog loves to help out around the house.
Camille - French - A spotless virgin. An appropriate name for the dog that is spayed.
Candace - Greek - A radiant white.
Candida - An early Christian tortured and martyred by the Romans. She became a saint.
Candy - "I'm your sweet, guilty pleasure dog."
Canuck - This french poodle loves her country.
Capri - An Italian island in the Bay of Naples.
Cara - Italian - Special friend.
Carat - "I'm worth my weight in diamonds, well almost."
Carita - Latin - Special friend.
Carmel - A beautiful city in northern California. This dog is most comfortable on the west coast.
Carmen - Latin - A song. This girl dog makes your heart sing.
Carnie - "I like roller-coasters and ferris-wheels."
Carrie - "I'm your lovably telekinetic dog."
Casey - Irish - Full of courage. This girl dog will defend you at all cost.
Cashmere - "You'll never find an animal with softer fur than mine."
Cassandra or Cassie - Greek Mythology - Prophetess whom noone believed.
Cassia - A large group of plants which grow in tropical climates.
Cassidy - Irish - Very bright and talented. This girl dog just loves to learn new tricks.
Catania - A port on the coast of Sicily.
Cathay - The name Europeans used for China in the Middle Ages. An appropriate name for your Oriental breed of dog.
Catherine or Cathy - Greek - One who is pure. A good name for the pure-bred dog.
Catherine - The patron saint of art. For the girl dog that belongs to an artist.
Catsup - "My name is sometimes spelled k.e.t.c.h.u.p.". A great name for your red irish setter dog.
Cauldron - "I'm a black dog who is right at home alongside a witch and her boiling cauldron."
Caviar - A pure-bred dog that cost you plenty.
Cecilia - Latin - Blind.
Cecilia - The patron saint of musicians and poets.
Celeste - Latin - Of heaven. This girl dog is truly a blessing from God.
Celine - Diva is the best word to describe this dog.
Champagne - A tiny bubble of a girl who has fancy tastes.
Chandra - Hindu - Of the night. This girl dog is at her best in the evening.
Chanel - "I just can't contain my fantastic sense of style."
Charisma - "My personality demands that other dogs follow me."
Charissa - Greek - A caring person.
Charity - "I rely on your generosity for my survival."
Charlotte - French - The little woman. This puppy thinks that she's all grown up.
Charmaine - Greek - Happy. Sadness is not in this dog's vocabulary.
Charmin - "I'm a plump and soft pet. But don't squeeze too tight."
Charo - A wonderful name for your blonde-haired Chihuahua dog.
Chastity - This name means chaste or pure. A good name for the dog who gets spayed at an early age.
Cherie - French - A sweetheart.
Cherish or Cher - You will cling to and hold this dog very near to your heart.
Cherry - "I'm your perky cheerleader dog."
Cheyenne - A member of a tribe of Indians originally from Minnesota. Also the capital of Wyoming.
Chiffon - "I love it when you put ribbons and lace in my long hair."
China - "I'm as delicate as fine porcelain."
Chiquita - Spanish - Small. A great name for any small breed of dog.
Chloe - Greek - Term meaning young, green plant. This dog will probably never grow up.
Chocolate - Your oh-so-sweet brown, black or white pet.
Christiane - German - A Christian.
Christina - A Belgian saint who lived during the 12th Century. She could soar through the air and perform other miraculous feats.
Christine - French - A Christian.
Cinderella - "Someday, my prince will come... to take me away from all this domesticated drudgery."
Cinnamon - This little spice packs a mighty punch.
Citrine - A beautiful yellow-colored quartz.
Clara - Latin - A shining leader.
Clare - The patron saint of television. This girl dog loves to watch television.
Clariece - French - Shining child. You're very proud of this puppy dog.
Clarinda - Spanish - Great beauty.
Claudia - Latin - Mild tempered. A great name for any non-aggressive breed of dog.
Clementine - English - Even-tempered. A great name for any non-aggressive breed of dog.
Cleopatra or Cleo - The famous queen of Egypt. A great name for the dog with many charms.
Cleo - The beautiful goldfish in Disney's Pinocchio.
Clover - A super adopted pet's name. She will consider herself to have great luck.
Coffee - A brown pet who is always alert.
Colette - French - Invading force.
Colette - A French saint who lived during the 15th century. She was known for her great sanctity and visions.
Colleen - Irish - Virgin or maiden.
Columba - A Spanish saint of the 9th century who was beheaded for her faith.
Conchita - Spanish - Beginning. A great name for your first girl dog.
Confetti - "I'm always the hit of the party."
Congo - A large river in Africa.
Constance - Latin - Steadfast. This girl dog will never run away.
Consuela - Spanish - One who consoles. This girl dog is always there when you need her.
Cora - Greek - Virgin or maiden.
Coral - The animal who loves scuba-diving.
Cordelia - Welsh - From the sea.
Cornelia - Latin - Feminine.
Corona - Spanish - Royal. A good name for any pure breed of dog.
Cricket - This dog has long legs and loves to jump.
Crispina - An African saint who lived during the 4th century. She was a married mother who was beheaded for her faith.
Cruela - The evil character in Disney's 101 Dalmatians.
Crystal - You're always seeing a different facet of this striking female dog.
Cuckoo - The asylum called, they're one dog short.
Cygnet - A term for a young swan. This girl dog is extremely graceful.
Cyrena - Greek - From Cyrene.
Cyrilla - Latin - A strong leader.

- D -

Dacia - Greek - One from Dacia.
Dahlia - A very showy flower of a girl.
Daisy - The object of Donald Duck's affection.
Dakota - A tribe of American Indians which inhabited the northern plains.
Damita - Spanish - A small, respected woman. A fantastic name for any toy breed of dog that won't back down when challenged.
Damsel - A very old poetic term for a maiden.
Danae - Greek Mythology - Mother of Perseus.
Danielle - Hebrew - God will judge.
Daphne - "I rely on my good looks to solve mysteries."
Dara - Hebrew - Someone full of compassion. Feel free to tell this dog all your troubles.
Darby - Irish - Name meaning liberty. This canine is always trying to escape.
Daria - Greek - A royal lady. A good name for the girl dog that comes from champion blood lines.
Darlene - French - A sweetheart.
Davida - Hebrew - Endearing. This girl dog is very special to you.
Dawn - "My barking usually begins at sunrise."
Deanna - Latin - Someone who is sacred.
Deborah - A prominent Israelite judge and prophet in the Bible.
Delia - Greek - Glittering.
Delilah - A Philistine and the mistress of the Israelite hero Samson. She coaxed him into revealing the source of his great strength.
Delmar - Spanish - Of the sea.
Delta - The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. An appropriate name for your fourth pet dog.
Dervish - A member of a mystical Islamic religious order dedicated to fasting and poverty. They are known for their whirling dances. This little dog spins in circles sometimes.
Desdemona - Othello's wife in the Shakespearean tragedy. Mad with jealousy over Desdemona, Othello kills himself. This girl dog inspires irrational devotion.
Desiree - French - Term for an object of desire.
Destiny - "I was meant to be your dog - and you were meant to be my master."
Deva - Hindi - Goddess of the moon. This dog loves to howl at night.
Dharma - Hindu and Buddhist - The cosmic order or law. This girl dog keeps everything in its proper place.
Diamond - "I am both tough and beautiful."
Diana - THE Princess of princesses.
Dido - Ancient legend has her being the founder and queen of Carthage. A girl dog that carries much ambition and power.
Dina - English - Of the valley.
Dionne - Greek Mythology - The mother of Aphrodite.
Dionysia - A saint who was burned at the stake, along with her young son and other family members. This occurred in the late 400's A.D.
Dixie - "My loyalties lie with the south."
Doe - This dog is as graceful as a deer.
Dolores - Spanish - Mary of the sorrows.
Dominica - A saint who was beheaded during the reign of the Roman emperor Diocletian.
Dominique - French - Person of God.
Domino - A really good name for a black dog with a few white markings or vice-versa.
Donata - Latin - A blessing or gift.
Donna - Italian - Lady. This girl dog has wonderful manners.
Dora - "I love to explore when I'm not sleeping or eating."
Dorothea - Greek - Gift from God. This girl dog is a true blessing.
Dorothy - The patron saint of gardeners. This girl dog enjoys helping you out in the garden.
Dottie - "I'm goin' down to Nashville - I'm gonna be a real big star."
Downy - This pet has fur so soft that it reminds you of feathers.
Drama - This dog is always on stage.
Drusilla - Latin - A descendant of Drusus.
Duchess - The spouse of a Duke. A wonderful name for your distinguished pure-bred dog.
Dumpling - Your little dough-girl pet.
Dymphna - A 7th century Irish Christian who was beheaded. She became a saint.

- E -

Earlene - The feminine form of Earl, which is an English nobleman. Another great name for your distinguished pure-bred dog.
Eartha - "My biggest pleasure in life is going outside and getting close to the soil."
Easter - This pet will somehow remind you of the resurrection of Jesus every day.
Ebony - This solid black girl dog is simply gorgeous.
Echo - This girl dog reminds you of a previous pet.
Eden - "Not having to work for food is paradise to me."
Edith - A 10th century English nun and abbess. She became a saint.
Edna - Hebrew - Full of youth. This puppy might never grow up.
Edwina - English - A wealthy person.
Egypt - Another unusual name for your unusual dog.
Eiffel - A fantastic name for your beautiful French Poodle dog.
Eileen - Irish - Shining.
Elan - French - Spirited and confident. Shy is not a word you would use to describe this dog.
Elba - A mountainous island off the coast of Italy. Napoleon was exiled here at one time.
Eldora - Spanish - Term meaning covered in gold. Your blond-haired female dog would suit this name well.
Eleanor - French - Shining.
Electra - Greek Mythology - The daughter of Agamemnon. She helped avenge his death.
Elf - "I'm your little-bitty mischievous puppy."
Elixir - She's the perfect medicine for the blues.
Elizabeth or Eliza - The mother of John the Baptist and cousin of Mary, the mother of Jesus - as told in the New Testament.
Ella - English - Little virgin.
Ellie Mae - You can take the doggie out of the country - but you can't take the country out of the doggie.
Elsa - German - Princess. You treat this girl dog like royalty.
Elvira - "I'm the mistress of the bark."
Emanuelle - Hebrew - God is with us.
Emerald - The name for a dog with beautiful, emerald-green eyes.
Emily - German - A hard worker. This dog earns her keep.
Emma - German - One who cares.
Emma - The title of a book by the great English novelist Jane Austen.
Empress - "I rule this household with an iron paw."
Enchilada - "I'm the whole package. Everything that you could ever want in a girl dog."
Encratis - A 4th century Spanish saint who was tortured for her faith, but managed to survive. This girl dog has had a lot of close calls with death.
Enid - Irish - Without flaws. A great name for any pure-bred dog.
Eos - Greek Mythology - The goddess of dawn. This dog likes to bark as soon as the roosters begin to crow.
Erin - This is another name for Ireland. A wonderful name for your Irish Setter dog.
Erma - Latin - Princess. This girl dog demands the royal treatment.
Esmeralda - Spanish - An emerald.
Estelle - French - A shining star.
Esther - A courageous Jewish woman who saved her people from annihilation. A book is dedicated to her story in the Old Testament.
Eternity - "Can I be your pet forever?"
Ethel - English - Princess. This girl dog comes from champion blood lines.
Etna - The famous volcano in Sicily. This dog has a volatile personality.
Etta - German - Small. A great name for any small breed of dog.
Eudora - Greek - Humble and giving.
Eugenia - Greek - Royalty. A good name for the girl dog that comes from champion blood lines.
Eugenia - A 3rd century saint who was martyred in Rome.
Europa - Greek Mythology - A Phoenician princess whom Zeus loved. She bore him 3 sons.
Eurydice - Greek Mythology - The wife of Orpheus, the musician.
Evangeline - The title of a famous long-narrative poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Eve - An appropriate name for your first female dog.

- F -

Fabiola - A 4th century lady who built the first Christian hospital in the West. She became a saint.
Facet - "Every side of me is simply beautiful."
Fairy - This little girl dog always captures your imagination.
Faith - A 3rd century French saint who was tortured and executed on a hot brazier for her Christian faith.
Fallon - Irish - A name meaning the ruler's grandchild.
Fancy - This dog is a future best-of-show. She has all the bells and whistles.
Fantasia - "I'm the fulfillment of all your pet fantasies."
Fatima - The name of Mohammed's daughter.
Fauna - One of the good fairies in Disney's Sleeping Beauty.
Fauna - Roman Mythology - The goddess of fields and flocks.
Fausta - A 4th century little girl who was martyred for her Christian faith.
Faustina - Latin - Fortunate. This girl dog brings good luck.
Favor - You love this girl dog more than your other pets.
Fawn - This little girl resembles a baby deer.
Fay - French - Fairy. A good name for any small breed of dog.
Felda - German - Of the fields. A good name for any sporting breed of dog.
Felicia or Felicity - Feminine forms of Felix, which is a Latin term for happy.
Feliciana - Spanish - Happy.
Felicity - The patron saint of barren women.
Fern - "I'm equally comfortable inside or outside, but please give me some shade."
Feta - "I just love it when my masters give me this Greek cheese."
Fetish - "I inspire irrational devotion."
Fidella - Latin - Faithful. This girl dog will never run away.
Fiesta - "I'm always in the mood to celebrate."
Fifi - "French cooking is my passion."
Fiji - A group of islands which form a country in the South Pacific, north of New Zealand.
Flamenco - A passionate style of Spanish guitar-music and dancing.
Flavia - Latin - Fair haired.
Fleur - French - Flower.
Flicker - "I dance about like a flame."
Flipper - "I empathize with my fellow mammals."
Flit - The hummingbird character in Disney's Pocahontas.
Flo - This dog's just a good ol' girl.
Flora - One of the good fairies in Disney's Sleeping Beauty.
Flora - Roman mythology - The goddess of flowers. This girl dog reigns supreme in the garden.
Flora - A 9th century Spanish Christian who was beheaded for her faith. She became a saint.
Florence - A city in Italy called the city of flowers. A great center of Renaissance art.
Florida - "I love to walk in the sand and sunbathe."
Flower - The skunk character in Disney's Bambi.
Fluffy - "I was one of the original power-puff girls."
Fortuna - You lucked-out when you found this treasure of a dog.
Foxy - This sly female dog knows how to turn heads.
Freckles - A light-colored pet with freckles on her skin or coat.
Frederica - German - Queen. A good name for the dog that comes from champion blood lines.
Freesia - A beautiful type of iris native to South Africa.
Fresco - A method of painting with watercolors on fresh plaster.
Freya - Norse Mythology - The goddess of love.
Friday - "I'm your right-hand dog."
Frieda - German - The dove. This girl dog brings peace.
Fuchsia - A reddish/purple color.

- G -

Gabby - "I absolutely love to bark."
Gale - "I'm capable of strong gusts of speed."
Galena - The chief mineral which makes up lead. A super name for any gray-colored dog.
Galla - A 6th century Roman widow who was known for her care of the sick and the poor. She became a saint.
Galley - "My all-time favorite room is the kitchen!"
Gallium - A soft, bluish-white or silver-white metal found all through the earth's crust.
Galoshes - "I have large paws that resemble galoshes."
Gamma - The third letter of the Greek alphabet. A good name for your third pet dog.
Garbo - Greta Garbo is one of the most famous actresses in movie history. A great name for your drama-queen pet.
Gardenia - A white girl dog who reminds you of a beautiful, fragrant flower.
Garland - "I am a winner."
Garnet - An appropriate name for a red dog whose coloring resembles this gemstone.
Gazelle - A great name for the dog that is very fast and graceful.
Gazpacho - A Spanish, tomato-based soup that is served cold.
Gehenna - The valley near Jerusalem where refuse was burned.
Geisha - A Japanese girl trained to sing, dance and entertain the opposite sex. Your Akita dog would love this name.
Gemma - Italian - A gemstone. A good name for the dog with pretty eyes.
Gemma - An Italian saint who lived during the 15th century.
Genesis - The first book of the Bible which tells the origin of the world. A great name for the dog that you intend to breed.
Genevieve - The patron saint of Paris.
Genie - "Your wish is my command."
Genoa - The largest and busiest port in Italy. It was the birthplace of Christopher Columbus.
Georgia - Latin - A farmer.
Gerda - Nordic - A guardian. A great name for any guard dog.
Germaine - French - Term for a German.
Gertrude - The patron saint of the West Indies.
Ghana - A country in western Africa, along the Gold Coast.
Gherkin - A type of cucumber with really small fruit. An appropriate name for any toy breed of dog.
Gianna - Italian - God has blessed me.
Gidget - "I enjoy playing on the beach blanket with Bingo."
Gilda - English - Golden haired.
Gillian - Latin - Soft hair.
Gina - "Fettuccini Alfredo is my favorite dish."
Ginger - A wonderful name for your reddish-brown dog such as a Cocker-Spaniel or Irish Setter.
Giselle - THE Supermodel of Supermodels.
Giza - Egyptian city near Cairo. It's home to the 3 largest and best preserved pyramids in Egypt.
Glenda - Irish - Lady of the valley. This dog doesn't care for mountains.
Glitter - "I'm the brilliant star of this household."
Gloria - Latin - Glory. This dog will bring you countless praise.
Goddess - "My charm and beauty are irresistible to ANY and ALL animals."
Godiva - The famous English noblewoman who rode naked through the streets of Coventry on her horse. This dog doesn't much care for clothes.
Goldie - Formally she is Goldilocks, but around the house you can call her Goldie.
Goshen - The fertile land which was given to the Israelites while they were living in Egypt, before the Exodus.
Grace - This little girl is a true blessing from God.
Gracie - This dog has beauty, charm and wonderful manners.
Gratis - Latin - Free or no-charge. A good name for an adopted puppy.
Gremlin - "I'm soft, cuddly and cute - until you add water.
Gretchen - German - A pearl.
Gretel - The famous girl from the fairy tale. She and her brother Hansel were almost shoved in an oven by a wicked witch who lived in a house made of candy.
Gucci - "I'm the finest dog that money can buy."
Guida - Italian - Teacher.
Guinevere - The legendary wife of King Arthur.
Gypsy - She's your exotic, eager traveling-buddy dog.

- H -

Hagar - The Egyptian maidservant who partnered with Abraham to produce Ishmael.
Haifa - The main port of Israel, it lies on the slopes of Mt. Carmel.
Haiku - A Japanese poem consisting of 3 lines and 17 syllables. A splendid name for your Oriental breed of dog.
Halifax - The capital of Nova Scotia. It's a port on the Atlantic Ocean.
Halley - "I enjoy howling at the night sky."
Halloween - "I'm a black dog who just loves to play trick-or-treat."
Harem - That part of a Moslem household where the women live.
Harlequin - A wonderful name for your many-colored comical pet.
Harley - This rough and tough dog would be right at home hanging out with a motorcycle gang.
Harmony - Everything about this girl dog is in just the right proportion.
Harriet - French - A home maker. This girl dog enjoys helping out around the house.
Harvest - "I'm a good farm-hand dog."
Haven - "My favorite place-of-safety is in your arms."
Hayley - English - Name for a meadow filled with hay.
Hazel - She has beautiful brown eyes with a touch of green.
Heaven - She's the kind of dog that you might find in Paradise.
Hebe - Greek Mythology - The goddess of youth.
Hecuba - Greek Mythology - She was the second wife of King Priam of Troy and mother of Hector, Paris and Cassandra.
Hedda - German - Division.
Hedwig - The patron saint of Silesia.
Hedy - Greek - Peaceful. This girl dog gets along with all other animals.
Heidi - "I'm the real Swiss Miss."
Helen - Greek Mythology - Helen of Troy was the most beautiful woman in the world. The Trojan War was started over her. You've never seen a girl dog as beautiful as she.
Helga - German - A person of God.
Hellene - A name for a Greek person.
Henna - An outstanding name for a reddish-brown dog such as an Irish Setter or Cocker Spaniel.
Henrietta - English - The head of the household. This dog keeps your home running like clockwork.
Hera - Greek Mythology - The wife of Zeus and queen of Heaven. This girl dog carries much power.
Hermosa - Spanish - Lovely. You can't take your eyes off of this girl dog.
Hershey - She's a sweet-natured, dark-haired pet.
Hertha - English - Of the earth. This girl dog just loves to dig holes.
Hialeah - A city that's a suburb of Miami, FL.
Hibernia - An old poetic name for Ireland. Another fantastic name for your Irish setter dog.
Hilary - Latin - Joyous. This girl dog can always lift your spirits.
Hilda - German - Warrior maiden. This girl dog enjoys a good battle.
Hilda - A 7th century English abbess. She became a saint.
Hindi - The official language of India.
Hocus - "I'm a black dog who just loves to cast spells."
Holly - This girl dog is your everyday reminder of Christmas.
Honey - "I'm golden-blonde and naturally-sweet.
Honorea - Latin - Honorable. This dog will never betray you.
Honshu - The largest island of Japan. A good name for your Akita dog.
Hope - "Depression doesn't stand a chance with me around."
Hosanna - Greek - Praise to God.
Hoshi - Japanese - Shining star. This girl dog stands out in a pack.
Houri - Islam - One of the many young, beautiful girls in Paradise. An appropriate name for any beautiful full-blooded dog.
Hypatia - Greek - Greatest or highest.

- I -

Ibis - A long-legged bird related to the heron. The Egyptians regarded this bird as sacred. A fantastic name for any long-legged breed of dog.
Icicle - "I much prefer cold weather over hot weather."
Icky - "Baths make me feel yucky."
Ida - English - An extremely prosperous person. This dog has chew-toys to spare.
Ignatia - Latin - Faithful and full of fire. This passionate dog will never dessert you.
Iliad - The Iliad is the oldest surviving Greek work of poetry. It concerns the last year of the Trojan War.
Ilium - Latin - Troy.
Illusion - "I'm capable of unbelievable dog tricks."
Iman - Arabic - A believer in Mohammed.
Imelda - German - A fierce fighter. This dog will protect you no matter what.
Imogene - This name is derived from Latin - meaning a likeness or visual impression.
Impala - A good name for a reddish-brown dog with long legs and great leaping abilities.
Inca - A tribe of Indians which developed a highly civilized Empire in South America, until conquered by the Spanish.
India - A great name for your Asian breed of dog.
Indigo - This would be a super name for your Blue Heeler dog.
Indira - Indira Gandhi was the 1st woman prime minister of India. This girl dog is very powerful indeed.
Inez - Spanish - Flawless. A good name for any full-blooded dog.
Infinity - "I have an endless amount of beauty."
Inga - "I come from the land of the ice and snow."
Ingrid - Scandinavian - A child of the hero.
Inky - A wonderful name for your solid-black dog.
Innin - Sumerian Mythology - The mother goddess.
Ino - Roman Mythology - The daughter of Cadmus. She leapt into the sea with her son to escape her mad husband. She and her son were then turned into divine sea creatures.
Intuit - "I sometimes understand without you having to say a word."
Io - Roman Mythology - She was much loved by Jupiter.
Iona - A Greek term for violet.
Iota - This is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet. It also means a very small quantity. A good name for the tiniest of girl dogs.
Irene - Greek Mythology - The goddess of peace. A girl dog that shys away from any fight.
Iris - Greek Mythology - She was a messenger of the gods and was represented by the rainbow. Your many-colored pet dog would apppreciate this name.
Irma - German - A princess. This girl dog demands the royal treatment.
Isabel - Spanish - Of God.
Isabella - She was the queen of Spain who helped finance Columbus's expeditions. This girl dog is the ruler of her household.
Ishtar - The chief goddess of the ancient Babylonians and Assyrians.
Isis - The chief goddess of the ancient Egyptians.
Ita - An Irish saint who lived in the 6th century.
Ivory - A wonderful name for your solid-white dog.
Ivy - This dog seems to be taking over your yard.

- J -

Jacinta - Spanish - A hyacinth plant.
Jackie - "I'm the first-pet of your house."
Jade - A beautiful green jewel of the Orient. Your Oriental breed of dog would love this name.
Jaffa - A city in Israel. Among the oldest confirmed cities in the world.
Jamila - Arabic - Lovely. This girl dog really turns heads.
Jane - Hebrew - God is gracious.
Jasmine - The beautiful princess in Disney's Aladdin.
Jasmine - A white, red or yellow flower with a wonderful fragrance.
Java - This girl dog is always there to perk you up.
Jeannette - French - God is gracious.
Jemima - "Sometimes my master sneaks me syrup - don't tell the vet."
Jennifer or Jenna - Jennifer is an alternate form of Guinevere (King Arthur's wife).
Jerri - You couldn't catch this girl dog if your life depended on it.
Jessica or Jessie - A variation on the Hebrew term for a wealthy person.
Jewel - "I'm a beautiful addition to any setting."
Jezebel - "You sometimes wonder if I have any shame."
Jidda - A seaport in Saudi Arabia located on the Red Sea.
Jinx - This girl dog certainly cast a spell on you.
Joan - Joan of Arc is a Christian saint and martyr. She led the French army to victories over the English.
Joanna - The snake character in Disney's The Rescuers.
Joanna - A woman who aided Jesus and His 12 apostles..
Jocasta - Roman Mythology - The mother and wife of Oedipus.
Jocasta - Italian - Always happy. This girl dog never has a bad day.
Jocelyn - Based on the Latin meaning of joyous and merry. A merry pet is she.
Joelle - Hebrew - God is able.
Jolie - French - Beautiful.
Jonquil - A type of narcissus plant with long slender leaves and small white or yellow flowers.
Jordan - A country located just east of Israel.
Josephine - The wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.
Joy - "I'll turn that frown upside down."
Joyce - French - Joy.
Juanita - Spanish - God is gracious.
Jubilee - "With me around, every day is a day of rejoicing."
Judith - A Jewish heroine who saved her people through her beauty. Has her own book in the Old Testament.
Julia - Latin - Full of youth. This puppy may never grow up.
Julia - The patron saint of Corsica.
Juliet - This girl dog cannot contain her passionate nature.
Jumna - A river in India that flows out of the Himalayas.
Juneau - The capital of Alaska and a port city. A wonderful name for the dog that loves cold weather.
Junia - Paul's friend and the only named (in the New Testament), woman apostle of Jesus.
Juniper - An evergreen shrub or tree with berrylike cones.
Juno - Roman Mythology - The wife of Jupiter and queen of the gods.
Justa - A 3rd century Spanish lady who was tortured to death for her Christian faith.
Justina - Spanish - Righteous.
Justine - "I fight for the rights of oppressed dogs everywhere."

- K -

Kaaba - The shrine at Mecca which is the most sacred of the Moslem shrines. You hold this dog as sacred.
Kairos - Roman Mythology - She was Jupiter's youngest daughter.
Kala - Hindu - Dark. A great name for any solid-black dog.
Kalahari - One of the great deserts of Africa.
Kali - The Hindu goddess who both destroyed life and gave life.
Kalila - Arabic - A sweetheart or loved one. This dog will forever be in your heart.
Kama - The Hindu god of love. A good name for the dog that you adopt on Valentine's day.
Kameko - Japanese - Child of the tortoise. This girl dog is never in a hurry.
Kappa - This is the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet.
Karachi - A major port in Pakistan.
Karelia - A republic located in northwestern Russia, east of Finland.
Karen - Greek - Pure. This name would fit your solid-white dog very nicely.
Kariba - One of the great lakes of Africa.
Karma - You feel like powerful forces aligned to bring you and your pet together.
Katmandu - The capital of Nepal. An unusual name for your unusual dog.
Keely - Irish - Lovely. You can't take your eyes off of this girl dog.
Kelila - Hebrew - A name meaning laurel or crown. This dog will be a winner in life.
Kelly - Irish - Name for a very brave warrior. This dog would lay down her life for you.
Kenda - English - A child of the water. This dog enjoys the water like no other. A wonderful name for your Labrador retriever dog.
Kenya - A country in eastern Africa. It lies on the Indian Ocean.
Kerry - Irish - A name meaning black. Your solid-black dog would love this name.
Ketura - Hebrew - Sweet smelling incense.
Khaki - A really good name for the pet with dull, yellowish-brown colors.
Kiara - A lioness in Disney's The Lion King.
Kimberley or Kimmy - English - A royal fortress meadow.
Kimono - An Oriental breed of dog that has fur as smooth as silk.
Kinshasa - The capital of the African country of Zaire.
Kirsten - Scandinavian - A Christian.
Kismet - "Fate brought me and my master together."
Kiwi - "My heart lies in New Zealand."
Kodiak or Kodi - Kodiak is an island and city in the state of Alaska, USA. It was settled in the late 18th century. This name was submitted by Ed and his German Shepherd - Kodi.
Kona - Hawaiian - A woman.
Koruna - Czechoslovakian monetary unit.
Krona - Swedish monetary unit.
Kudos - "I deserve much praise for guarding the house."
Kulak - A prosperous Russian farmer who opposed Soviet plans for the redistribution of lands. An appropriate dog name for your Siberian Husky.
Kumquat - A little orange fruit that grows on a tree of the same name. A superb name for your little orange doggie.
Kwacha - A Zambian monetary unit.
Kyoto - A city on the Honshu island of Japan. Your Akita dog would like to have this pet name.

- L -

Lacey - "I look adorable in ribbons and lace."
Lachesis - Greek Mythology - One of the 3 fates. This one was believed to control the length of your life.
Laconia - The home of the Spartans in ancient times.
Lady - "Disney made a movie in my honor."
Lala - Slavic - A tulip.
Lalita - Sanskrit - Pleasing or delightful.
Lambda - The 11th letter of the Greek alphabet.
Lambkin - The dog that reminds you of a little lamb.
Lanai - An island in the Hawaiian-island chain.
Lani - Hawaiian - The sky. This girl dog loves the outdoors.
Lanolin - "I'm the perfect ointment for your everyday problems."
Laos - A country in southeast Asia that lies on the western border of Vietnam.
Lara - The Latin meaning for this name is bright and famous. The Greek meaning is full of cheer.
Larena - Greek - Sea bird.
Largo - A slow, stately passage of music.
Larissa - Greek - A happy person. This girl dog refuses to be sad.
Lark - English - A singing skylark. This dog has a nice tone to her bark.
Larva - "I seem to undergo a metamorphosis every day."
Latona - Roman Mythology - The mother of Apollo and Diana.
Laura or Lauren - Latin - A girl crowned with laurel leaves. This girl dog is a winner.
Lava - "I'm the color of melted volcanic rock."
Laveda - Latin - One who is purified or cleansed. This dog rather enjoys bath-time.
Laverne - She's not the classiest dog in the world, but her heart's made of gold.
Lavinia - Latin - Flawless. A good name for any pure breed of dog.
Leah - She's the elder of the two sisters who married Jacob.
Leandra - Latin - Someone who is like a lioness. A great name for a canine that resembles a feline, such as a Pomeranian or Chow dog.
Leda - Greek Mythology - Helen of Troy's mother.
Legato - A musical term meaning smooth, successive tones with no interruptions.
Leila - Arabic - Black. A good name for any solid-black dog.
Leilani - Hawaiian - Heavenly flower.
Lelia - An Irish nun who lived in the 6th century. She became a saint.
Lempira - Monetary unit in Honduras.
Lena - Latin - Enticing lady.
Leona - French - Resembles a lioness.
Leslie - English - Small meadow.
Lethe - Greek Mythology - The river that flowed through Hades. Its waters caused forgetfulness in those who drank it.
Letitia - Latin - One who brings happiness. This girl dog will always lift your spirits.
Liana - A tropical vine which grows up and around trees.
Liberty - "I prefer to come and go as I please."
Libya - An Arabic country located in northern Africa.
Licorice - The chewy candy that you either love or hate.
Lily - A great name for the long-legged, beauty of a dog.
Lisbon - The capital of Portugal.
Lorelai - A high cliff on the Rhine where, according to German legend, a wicked nymph lures ships to wreck with her singing.
Lotus - A tropical water-lily. The perfect name for any water-loving dog.
Louise - German - Battle maid. This girl dog doesn't mind a fight.
Lucerne - Latin - Circle of light. This dog brightens any room that she enters.
Lucia - Spanish - Light bringer. This girl dog chases away the darkness.
Lucy - The patron saint of those with eye trouble. A good pet name for a seeing-eye-dog.
Ludmilla - The patron saint of Bohemia.
Lulu - "My metabolism is extremely slow."
Luzon - The main island of the Philippines.
Lydia - The patron saint of dyers. A good name for the girl dog that belongs to a hairdresser.

- M -

Mabel - Latin - Endearing.
Mademoiselle - French - An unmarried girl. This dog will probably remain single.
Madonna - Latin - My lady.
Madras - A port city on the southeastern coast of India.
Madre - Spanish - Mother. A great name for the dog that you intend to breed some day.
Madrid - The capital and largest city of Spain.
Mafalda - A 13th century Portuguese nun. She became a saint.
Magda - A short, stocky dog.
Mahogany - A reddish-brown colored wood.
Maid Marian - The lady fox in Disney's Robin Hood.
Maize - The color of ripe, yellow corn.
Malaga - A province in southern Spain, along the Mediterranean.
Maleficent - The evil witch in Disney's Sleeping Beauty.
Mali - A country located in western Africa.
Mallory - German - Wise in battle.
Malta - An island country south of Sicily.
Manda - Spanish - Battle maiden. This girl dog doesn't mind a fight.
Mango - "I'm a yellow or red puppy who is sweet and spicy."
Manna - The miraculous food from heaven. It was given to the Israelites in the wilderness. You feel like this dog is a gift from heaven.
Manuela - Spanish - God is with us.
Marcela - Spanish - Of mars. You sometimes think this girl dog is from another planet.
Marcella - A 4th century Roman matron who gave all to the poor. She became a saint. This girl dog would give away her last dog biscuit.
Marcelle - French - Of mars.
Marcia - Latin - Of mars.
Marelda - German - Great warrior.
Margaret - Latin - A pearl.
Margaret - The patron saint of Scotland.
Margarita - Spanish - A pearl.
Margot - French - A pearl.
Maria - Latin - Mary.
Marilyn - The original Candle in the Wind.
Marina - Latin - Comes from the sea.
Marla - "You probably can't afford me."
Marmalade - "I'm an orange dog who couldn't be any sweeter."
Marne - A river in France. It's the largest branch of the Seine.
Marta - Spanish - Woman.
Martha - The patron saint of cooks. A good girl dog name for the canine that loves to help out in the kitchen.
Mary - The Mother of Jesus Christ.
Matilda - "I'm an Aussie at heart, and I really love to waltz."
Matrona - The patron saint of those suffering from dysentery.
Maui - The 2nd largest island of the Hawaiian chain.
Maura - A French lady who lived during the 9th century. She became a saint.
Mavis - English - Full of joy. This girl dog is happy to be alive.
Maxine - Latin - Superior or greatest. This girl dog comes from champion blood lines.
Maya - A tribe of Indians who lived in Mexico and Central America. They had a well developed civilization.
Maylea - Hawaiian - Flower.
Meadow - A term for a piece of grassland near a stream. This dog just adores rolling around in the grass.
Mecca - The birthplace of Mohammed. Another good name for the dog that you hold sacred.
Medea - Greek Mythology - She is the sorceress who helped Jason win the golden fleece.
Medina - A city in Saudi Arabia. It is the site of Mohammed's tomb.
Medusa - The mean lady character in Disney's The Rescuers.
Medusa - Greek Mythology - She was one of the 3 Gorgons. They were terribly ugly and had wriggling snakes for hair.
Megan - Greek - Famous one. This girl dog is a star.
Melba - She's your brave-little-toaster dog.
Melinda - Greek - Soft and calm.
Melissa - Greek - Honey-bee.
Mercedes - Spanish - Mercy.
Meredith - Welsh - Pleasant. This girl dog is always in a good mood.
Merryweather - One of the good fairies in Disney's Sleeping Beauty.
Meuris - A 3rd century Palestinian woman who was tortured to death for her faith. She became a saint.
Midnight - This girl pet is as dark as the midnight sky.
Milady - Term for a proper English lady. This dog's manners are impeccable.
Millicent or Millie - German - Hard worker. This guard dog earns her dog biscuits.
Mimi - "I just love to scream. I can't help it."
Minerva - Roman Mythology - She was Jupiter's favorite child.
Minnie - The object of Mickey Mouse's affection.
Miranda - Latin - Admirable and wonderful.
Miriam - The sister of Moses and Aaron in the Bible. This dog has some very special brothers.
Misty - "The early morning is my favorite time of day."
Moira - Irish - Bitter.
Mona - Greek - One.
Monica - Latin - Adviser. You can tell this girl dog your biggest problems.
Monica - The patron saint of married women and mothers.
Morgan - Welsh - Of the coast.
Munchkin - "Follow the yellow brick road."
Myra - Latin - Great one. This girl dog may one day be a champion.

- N -

Nacre - Another word for mother-of-pearl.
Nadia - Slavic - Full of hope. This dog will lift your spirits every day.
Nagoya - A port in southern Honshu, Japan.
Naiad - Greek Mythology - The nymphs who gave birth to springs, rivers, streams and other bodies of water. Another fantastic name for your water-loving breed of dog.
Naira - The monetary unit of Nigeria.
Nakoma - An indian girl in Disney's Pocahontas.
Namib - One of the great deserts of Africa.
Nana - A dog that reminds you of your dear granny.
Nanette - English - Small dancer.
Nanny - This dog is a mother to all - no matter the species.
Naomi - Hebrew - Name meaning pleasant. You just get a really good feeling around this dog.
Nastassia - Russian - Birthday.
Natalia - Spanish - Birthday.
Natalie - Latin - A child born on Christmas day.
Natividad - Spanish - Born on Christmas day.
Nectar - A liquid found in some flowers which bees use to make honey. This girl dog is naturally sweet.
Neda - Slavic - Born on Sunday.
Neely - Irish - A victor.
Nefertiti - An ancient Egyptian queen who was the wife of Akhenaton. This dog will rule your household.
Negev - The southern, triangular portion of Israel. It is a partial desert.
Nemesis - Greek Mythology - The goddess of retribution. This girl dog never turns the other cheek.
Neola - Greek - A youthful girl.
Nepal - A mountainous kingdom in the Himalayas. Mount Everest stands in this country. A great name for your Asian breed of dog.
Nera - English - Nearer. This girl dog always wants to be near you.
Neva - The Spanish term for snow, which would fit your solid white pet very nicely.
Nicole - Greek - A name meaning victory of the people.
Nidia - Latin - A shelter. This dog will shelter you from all intruders.
Niger - A river and country in Africa.
Nila - Latin - The Nile River.
Nile - The longest river on Earth. It helped form the Egyptian civilization.
Nina - Spanish - Girl.
Niobe - Greek Mythology - Queen of Thebes who was turned into a weeping stone.
Nippon - The Japanese term for Japan. An appropriate name for your oriental breed of dog.
Nissa - Scandinavian - A happy little girl.
Nita - Choctaw Indian - Bear cub.
Noelle - "Every day is Christmas to me."
Nokomis - Cherokee Indian - Elder woman.
Nola - Latin - A small bell. A wonderful name for any toy breed of dog.
Norma - Latin - A rule or precept. This girl dog really lays down the law.
Nova - This is a star that suddenly becomes brighter and brighter. A good name for the girl dog who gets smarter with each passing day.
Novena - A period of devotions lasting for 9 days.
Nubia - Region in northeast Africa which includes parts of Egypt and the Sudan. It was once a kingdom.
Nugget - Another great name for your golden-haired dog.
Nuzzle - "I just love to rub my nose against yours."
Nyasa - One of the great lakes of Africa.
Nymph - A group of nature goddesses found in rivers, streams, hills, woods, forests, etc. This pet dog absolutely loves the outdoors.

- O -

Oahu - The island that contains the capital of Hawaii - Honolulu.
Oatmeal - The dog that is gray and kind of lumpy.
Obelia - Greek - A pointed pillar. A wonderful pet name for the dog w/ pointed ears.
Obsession - A pet that is constantly on your mind.
Oceania - Another name for the many thousands of islands that lie all across the Pacific Ocean.
Ochre - A pale, brownish-yellow color.
Octavia - Latin - Term for eighth.
Odele - Greek - A melodic song. A great name for the dog w/ a beautiful voice.
Odelia - French - Little and prosperous.
Odessa - Greek - An odyssey or long journey. You had to go through a lot to get this girl dog.
Odilia - The patron saint of the blind. Another good pet name for a seeing-eye-dog.
Olga - Russian - Of God.
Olga - A 10th century Russian who ruled in place of her son. She became a saint.
Olive - A possible name for your black dog who resembles a ripe olive.
Olla - Spanish - A wide-mouthed pot. A great name for your bulldog.
Olympia - Greek - From Mt. Olympus or Heaven. You feel that this dog is truly a gift from God.
Oma - Arabic - A leader. This girl dog won't follow the pack.
Oman - A country located on the Arabian Sea.
Omega - This is the final letter of the Greek alphabet. This girl dog may be the last dog you'll ever own.
Onawa - Native American - One who is wide-awake. This dog will never sleep on the job.
Oneida - Native American - Eagerly desired. You waited a long time to get this dog.
Opal - A fantastic name for your milky-hued breed of dog.
Opera - "I'm a dramatic puppy who just loves to sing."
Ophelia - Greek - An assistant or helper. This dog always lends a helping paw.
Ora - Latin - Gold.
Orchid - "My beauty is prized the world-over."
Orela - Latin - A divine announcement from the gods.
Orenda - Iroquois Indian - One having magical powers. This girl dog moves in mysterious ways.
Oreo - A great name for your black and white Dalmatian dog.
Oriana - Irish - The golden girl. A fantastic name for your Golden retriever dog.
Origami - "I'm an Oriental breed of dog that can curl myself into many fascinating shapes."
Orinoco - A large river which forms the boundary between Columbia and Venezuela.
Osaka - The 2nd largest city in Japan. Another great pet name for your Akita dog.

- P -

Paanga - A monetary unit of Tonga.
Paddy - "I walk carefully on the pads of my feet."
Pageant - "I belong in the Miss Canine America pageant."
Paige - Greek and English - This is a very young child. A name for the dog that you hope will never grow up.
Paisa - A monetary unit in India.
Pajamas - "Some people think I'm wearing pajamas... my coat is so beautiful."
Pallas - Greek Mythology - The goddess of wisdom - Also called Athena. Other dogs turn to this girl for advice.
Pallid - An appropriate name for your solid-white dog.
Palma - Latin - A palm tree.
Palmetto - A type of palm, abundant in the SE United States, with fan-shaped leaves.
Paloma - Spanish - A dove. This girl dog brings peace everywhere she goes.
Pamela or Pam - Greek - Honey. A fantastic name for your honey-colored cocker spaniel dog.
Pamper - "You can't help yourself, you've just gotta pamper me."
Pandora - Greek Mythology - She was the first mortal woman. Out of curiosity, she opened a box that unleased all the evil into the world. This girl dog sometimes acts before thinking.
Pansy - "I'm your favorite little-bitty-puppy flower."
Panthea - Greek - All the gods.
Pantry - "I'm mesmerized by canned goods."
Papaya - A tropical melon-like fruit that is yellowish-orange.
Papyrus - A plant used by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians as material for their documents.
Paradise - "When you imagine the Garden of Eden, I'm in the picture."
Paris - "Come with me along the Champs-Elysées."
Parma - A city in northern Italy.
Parmesan - "I have a fondness for cheese-flavored treats."
Parthenia - Greek - A woman who is a virgin or a maiden. A great name for your spayed dog.
Passion - "I do everything with the utmost enthusiasm."
Pastel - A good name for the pet who's colors consist of soft shades.
Patagonia - A region in South America divided between Argentina and Chile.
Patricia or Patty - Latin - A noble lady. This pet dog holds her head high.
Patricia - The patron saint of Naples, Italy.
Paula - She is a 4th century saint who is a patroness of widows. The perfect dog pet name for those pet owners who have lost their husband.
Peaches - "I'm a sweet and fuzzy girl dog."
Pearl - This pearly white girl is a rare jewel.
Pebbles - Your prehistoric little doggie.
Peek-a-boo - "I seem to be just around every corner."
Pega - An English woman who lived in the 7th century. She became a saint.
Pelagia - Greek - One who comes out of the sea. A wonderful name for any water-loving dog.
Pelagia - A 15 year old of the 3rd century who was killed for her faith in Christ. She became a saint.
Penelope - Greek Mythology - The wife of Odysseus. She was a weaver.
Penny - The little girl character in Disney's The Rescuers.
PepperAnn - The title character of a popular Disney television show.
Perdita - The Mommy Dalmatian in Disney's 101 Dalmatians.
Perfecta - Spanish - Without any fault. A wonderful name for any pure-bred dog.
Perla - The lady mouse in Disney's Cinderella.
Perpetua - A 3rd century woman who was killed for her faith. She became a saint.
Persia - "When you tried to catch me... IRAN."
Persis - Latin - A person who hails from Persia.
Petra - Latin - Rock. You can really count on this girl dog.
Petunia - A good name for the girl dog that resembles the cartoon pig.
Philantha - Greek - One who loves flowers.
Philippa - Greek - One who loves horses.
Philomena - She was a young Christian girl who was martryed in Rome.
Phoebe - Greek - She is brilliant and shining. This smart girl dog stands out in a crowd.
Phoebe - A 1st century deaconess of the Church as mentioned in the New Testament.
Pia - Italian - One who greatly fears God.
Piglet - The perfect name for a dog that resembles a baby pig.
Pilar - Spanish - A foundation, column or pillar. This girl dog adds stability to your life.
Piper - "You can pay me now or pay me later."
Pixie - An ittie-bittie yorkie or peek-a-poo dog.
Pleiades - Greek Mythology - The 7 daughters of Atlas who were transformed into stars by Zeus.
Pocahontas - The famous indian princess and title character of a Disney movie.
Pomona - Roman Mythology - The goddess of fruit-bearing trees. This girl dog is very fertile.
Portia - Latin - An offering.
Posey - You can find this pet dog romping in the flower garden.
Prima - Latin - First. A good name for your first girl dog.
Princess - "I demand everything I ask for, that's all."
Priscilla - Latin - Classic. This girl dog shows every trait of her breed.
Prudence - "I manage my dog biscuits wisely."
Pyrena - Greek - Fire. This girl dog is full of passion.

- Q -

Quartz - A semi-precious stone which is found in both transparent and colored forms.
Quechua - A South American Indian tribe which thrived during the Incan Empire.
Queen - "Every animal is my subject."
Querida - Spanish - Someone you hold dear. This girl dog occupies a special place in your heart.
Quintina - Latin - A term for 5th. A great dog pet name for the 5th born of the litter.
Quito - The capital of Ecuador.
Qumran - The caves which contained the dead sea scrolls are here.

- R -

Rabi - Arabic - The term for a springtime breeze. This dog adds a refreshing element to your life.
Rachel - She is the younger of the two sisters who married Jacob.
Racine - A major city in Wisconsin. It's located on Lake Michigan.
Radinka - Slavic - A girl who is full of energy and contentment. A wonderful name for your hyper-active dog.
Radish - "I'm the root of this spicy household."
Radmilla - Slavic - A worker for the people's interests.
Rae - English - This is a female deer.
Raffia - A fiber used in basket-weaving which comes from a certain palm tree. This girl dog enjoys being carried around in a basket.
Ragdoll - This little puppy resembles a rag doll.
Raindrop - Your solid gray dog who resembles a rain cloud.
Ramona or Mona - Spanish - A very powerful and wise protector of the people. This girl is a wonderful guard dog.
Rani - Hindu - The wife of the prince. This girl dog is a very important canine.
Ranita - Hebrew - A joyful song. This dog will make you happy w/ her barking.
Raphaela - Hebrew - God has healed me.
Rapunzel - This pet dog has the best head of hair on the block.
Rattan - A climbing type of palm which is used to make canes or wicker-work.
Raven - A solid-black dog who rather enjoys poetry.
Rebekah - The wife of Isaac.
Regina - Latin - A queen. This dog seems to rule your household.
Regina - A French woman of the 2nd century who was beheaded for her faith. She became a saint.
Reina - Spanish - Queen. This girl dog demands the royal treatment.
Relic - A puppy that might remind you of one of your former pets.
Remora - An ocean fish which uses a sucker to attach itself to a larger fish. It rides along eating whatever is left over from the larger fish.
Renee - French - Reborn.
Reseda - A fragrant flower of the mignonette plant.
Reva - Latin - To bring back to health or life. A great pet name for the dog that you rescued.
Rhapsody - "I'm a pure delight to have around the house."
Rhea - Greek - A flowing brook or stream.
Rhoda - Greek - A rose. This girl dog is a real beauty.
Rhubarb - "I'm your favorite sweetie-pie."
Ria - Spanish - A river.
Ribbons - "My fur coat is exceedingly fancy."
Riga - Latin - Laughter.
Rita - The patron saint of desperate causes.
Ritzy - A glamorous dog who demands to be boarded at only the finest kennels in the world.
Roberta - English - Brilliant with fame. This dog is well-known all over the neighborhood.
Rolanda - German - From the great land.
Roma - Italian - Rome.
Rosa - Spanish - A rose.
Rosalia - The patron saint of Palermo.
Rosalinda - Spanish - A beautiful rose.
Rosario - The 2nd largest city in Argentina.
Rose - The patron saint of the Americas.
Rosemary - "I consider myself the most fragrant of all your pets."
Rosette - French - A rose.
Roxanne or Roxie - English - Bright shining one.
Ruby - A wonderful name for your Irish-Setter dog.
Rumba - A dance which originated amongst the Cubans.
Rumor - You sometimes can't believe this pet is for real.
Rupee - A monetary unit of India.
Russia - The largest country in the world. Your Siberian Husky would greatly appreciate this name.

- S -

Saba - Greek - A form of Sheba (the queen of Sheba). This dog demands to be treated like a queen.
Sabina - Latin - A woman who comes from Sabine (ancient tribe of people living in Italy).
Sable - "My coat is pure luxury."
Sabra - Hebrew - Calm and peaceful.
Sabrina - Latin - The border-line. This girl dog likes to test her boundaries.
Sadira - Persian - A lotus tree.
Saffron - Expensive, orange-yellow colored spice. A wonderful name for your orange puppy dog.
Sage - Latin - Wise. Other animals come to her for advice.
Sahara - The name of the world's largest desert. It's located in northern Africa. A wonderful name for your sandy-colored dog.
Sake - An alcoholic drink made of fermented rice. It's a Japanese specialty. This name might make sense for your Oriental breed of dog.
Salem - It's the famous city in Massachusetts where witches were burned at the stake.
Salina - A city in northern Kansas, U.S.A. Your midwestern dog would love this name.
Salome - Hebrew - Peace. Petting this dog will bring you great peace.
Samantha - Aramaic - A good listener. Feel free to tell this dog all your problems.
Samba - This is a dance of Brazil which came from Africa. A good name for your dancing dog.
Sancha - Spanish - Holy.
Sanchia - A 13th century Portuguese nun who became a saint.
Santiago - The capital of Chile.
Sanura - Swahili - She resembles a kitten.
Sapphire - Has very deep-blue eyes. Appropriate for your Siberian Husky dog.
Sappho - An ancient Greek poet.
Sarah - The wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. A great name for your matriarch pet.
Sari - A type of clothing worn by women of India.
Sashay - "I take my time going from point A to point B."
Satin - "My coat is very glossy and smooth."
Savannah - This dog just loves wide-open areas full of grass.
Scarab - Ancient Egyptians used this beetle extensively in their ornamentation.
Scarlett - The main female character in Gone With the Wind.
Scholastica - The patron saint of convulsive children.
Scotia - A poetic term for Scotland. A wonderful name for your Scottish terrier dog.
Season - "Its always the right time for me."
Secunda - Latin - A term for 2nd. A good dog name for your 2nd pet.
Selena - Greek Mythology - The goddess of the moon. This dog loves to howl at the moon.
Senegal - A country in western Africa. It lies on the Atlantic Ocean.
Sepia - A very fitting name for your reddish-brown dog.
Sequin - A spangle used to decorate dresses, purses, scarves and other items.
Serafina - Hebrew - On fire for God or Angelic.
Seraphina - A 13th century Italian saint who was paralyzed at an early age.
Serena - Latin - A very peaceful person. Having this dog around takes away your stress.
Shania - A real down home girl dog that loves to sing.
Shannon - Irish - Little counselor.
Sharon - Hebrew - Royal. This girl dog comes from champion blood lines.
Shasta - "I'm beautiful, but a volcano rages inside me."
Shawnee - A North American Indian.
Sheba -"I am the Arabian queen who appreciates true wisdom."
Sheena - Irish - God's blessing.
Shelley - English - A person who comes from the meadow on the ledge.
Shirley - English - Someone from the bright meadow.
Sicily - An island off the coast of Italy.
Sidra - Latin - A child born of the stars.
Silvie - French - From the forest.
Simone - Hebrew - A person who obeys. This dog excels at any obedience training.
Siren - "I'm irresistible to all male dogs."
Snickers - The dog that really satisfies her master.
Snow White - This pet name would fit a dark-haired beauty very well.
Soleil - "I long for the French Riviera."
Sonja - Scandinavian - A wise counselor.
Sonya - Greek - A wise counselor.
Sophia - Italian - A wise counselor.
Spirit - "I'm happy to be your mascot."
Spot - "My master's creativity is sometimes questioned by others."
Spring - A great name for a dog that loves the water or one that is born during this season.
Starla - This dog is at her best when the sun goes down.
Starlet - "I'm an up-and-coming star."
Stella - "I can take care of myself."
Stevie - Rock on gold-dust woman.
Stormy - This dog can be ferocious at times.
Sugar - "Life ain't so bland with me around."
Sultana - A wife, mother, sister or daughter of a sultan. This dog is a very important canine.
Summer - "I'm at my best when the days are longest."
Sunny - This animal will make you happy when skies are gray.
Swan - The most graceful dog in the world.
Sweet Pea - "I'm your dear little-girl doggie."
Sybil - "Please excuse my multiple personalities."
Sylvia - Latin - One who comes from the forest.

- T -

Tabby - A good name for the dog with a brindle coat.
Tabitha - Greek - A gazelle. The name for an extremely graceful girl dog.
Taboo - "I sometimes do things puppy's should never do."
Tacita - Latin - Someone who is silent. This girl dog is unusually quiet.
Taffy - "Happiness is a good chew-toy."
Tahiti - One of the Society Islands in the South Pacific.
Talia - Hebrew - Dew from Heaven. You feel that this dog is a genuine blessing from God.
Talitha - Aramaic - A young girl.
Tallulah - Choctaw Indian - Leaping water. A fantastic name for any water-loving breed of dog.
Tamale - "I love all things Mexican."
Tamara - Hebrew - A palm tree.
Tamiko - Japanese - Represents the people. A great name for your Akita dog.
Tangerine - Your reddish-orange dog would fit this name to a tee.
Tania - Russian - Queen of the fairies. A great name for any toy breed of dog.
Tapestry - "My coat is a rich variety of patterns and colors."
Tapioca - This dog has a coat as smooth as pudding.
Tara - Irish - A term for a rocky hill.
Tarantella - A fast, whirling Italian dance for a single couple. This dog just loves to dance.
Tassel - "I love playing with any hanging strings I can find."
Tatiana - A Roman who was beheaded for her faith in the 3rd century.
Tawny - This name means brownish-yellow or tan. Your blonde-haired dog would adore this name.
Tecla - Greek - Heavenly fame.
Tempest - French - A violent storm or outburst. This dog isn't afraid to show aggression.
Teresa - The patron saint of those suffering from headaches.
Tertia - Latin - The 3rd. A great name for your 3rd dog.
Tessa - Greek - The 4th.
Thaddea - Greek - A very courageous person. This dog knows no fear.
Thalassa - Greek - From the sea. Another fantastic name for your water-loving dog.
Thalia - Greek Mythology - The muse of comedy. This dog delights in tickling your funny-bone.
Thea - Greek - Goddess.
Thea - A Palestinian saint who was burned to death for her faith in the 4th century.
Thebes - City of ancient Egypt. Located on the Nile.
Theda - Greek - A wonderful gift from God.
Thelma - Greek - An infant. This girl dog will always be your little baby.
Thera - Greek - Raw or wild. This dog doesn't tame easily.
Therese - Patron saint of florists.
Theta - The 8th letter of the Greek alphabet.
Thimble - A really good name for a dog belonging to a seamstress or tailor.
Thistle - "My nails can be mighty prickly at times."
Thora - A feminine form of Thor (the Norse god of thunder). Your very large and powerful dog would appreciate this name.
Thyra - Greek - Shield bearer. An excellent name for any guard dog.
Tiara - A great name for your best-of-breed canine.
Tibesti - A chief mountain range in Africa.
Tiger Lily - The indian chief's daughter in Disney's Peter Pan.
Tigress - "Some people say that I resemble a tiger."
Tigris - One of the sisters of St. Patrick.
Tinkerbell - This girl dog name would fit a very small breed of dog perfectly.
Tinsel - A pet that arrives during the holidays.
Titania - The queen of fairyland in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. An excellent name for any toy-breed of dog.
Togo - An African country.
Tomasina - Italian - A twin.
Topaz - A beautiful yellow-colored quartz.
Trapeze - "I'm the most acrobatic doggie you'll ever see."
Treble - "I will always be a smart and loyal dog."
Trinity - The Christian term for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Trista - Latin - Sadness. This girl dog cries a lot.
Trixie - American - Version of the Latin name Beatrice - bringer of joy. This name was sent in by Beverly Dickinson and inspired by her Yorkie named Trixie.
Troika - Russian - A group of three.
Tuesday - A good name for the dog that you adopt on a Tuesday.
Tugela - One of the largest waterfalls in Africa. This dog is always crying.
Tulip - "I love to walk on my tiptoes."
Turquoise - This dog has gorgeous blue-green eyes.
Tweety - Your little dog might remind you of this cartoon character bird.
Tyne - English - A river. A good name for any water-loving dog.

- U -

Uda - German - An extremely wealthy person. This dog always has a bone to spare.
Ulima - Arabic - The wise one. A fantastic name for your wise-looking pet.
Ulra - German - A female wolf. This dog greatly resembles her wild cousins.
Ulrica - German - A person who rules over all. A great name for your German breed of guard dog.
Ultima - Latin - The person who lives the farthest away.
Umber - A brown or reddish-brown colored dog.
Una - Latin - United and one. This pet helps to bring people in the house together.
Undine - Latin - Person who dwells in the waves. Another wonderful name for your water-loving dog.
Ural - A mountain chain in western Russia. Your Siberian Husky dog would absolutely love this name.
Urania - Greek Mythology - The muse of astronomy. For the pet dog that loves to gaze at the heavens.
Ursula - Latin - A female bear. This girl dog resembles a bear.
Uta - German - A rich person.

- V -

Vala - German - The one that is chosen over all. You picked this dog out of a big litter.
Valda - German - One who governs or rules.
Valencia - A Mediterranean port in Spain.
Valentina - Latin - One who is strong and vital. A good name for the dog that is adopted on Valentine's day.
Valerian - A garden plant with small white or pink flowers.
Valerie - French - Powerful.
Valeska - Slavic - A glorious ruler.
Valkyrie - Norse Mythology - The goddesses who hovered over battlefields. They escorted hero's souls to Valhalla.
Valonia - Latin - A person who hails from the dark valley.
Vanessa - Greek - A butterfly.
Vanilla - The second most expensive spice. This solid-white dog cost you plenty.
Vanity - "Who's the fairest puppy of them all? I am!"
Vanora - Welsh - A white wave. A wonderful name for your solid-white dog.
Vashti - Persian - Very beautiful. The other dogs fall in love with her.
Veda - A Hindu book of knowledge.
Vedanta - A philosophy based on the Hindu Vedas.
Vedette - Italian - One who serves as a guardian. This girl dog is your faithful protector.
Vega - Arabic - The falling star.
Velma - "I can't seem to find my glasses."
Velvet - "Elvis would have killed to know me."
Venice - A city in northern Italy that's built on many islands. It has canals in place of streets over much of its area.
Ventura - Spanish - Good fortune.
Venus - Roman Mythology - The goddess of love and beauty. The other girl dogs turn to her for beauty tips.
Vera - Latin - Truth. This girl dog cannot tell a lie.
Verna - Latin - The spring season. A great name for the dog that you adopt in the spring time.
Verona - An Italian city. It provides the setting for Romeo and Juliet. A fantastic name for your passionate dog.
Veronica - According to legend, she is the lady who wiped Jesus's face on his way of the cross.
Vespera - Latin - The evening star. This girl dog is at her best in the evening.
Vesta - Roman Mythology - The goddess of the home. This girl dog reigns supreme.
Victoria - One of the great lakes of Africa.
Victoria - Queen Victoria was one of the greatest rulers England ever had. She ruled for 63 years and made England extremely prosperous.
Virago - A woman with an argumentative, disagreeable nature.
Virginia - Latin - A lady who is pure and virginal. Another appropriate name for your spayed dog.
Virgo - The sixth sign of the zodiac. Represents a virgin. Yet another great name for your spayed dog.
Vista - "I can see for miles and miles with these eyes."
Vita - Latin - Life.
Viva - "I'm constantly in need of praise."
Vixen - This animal kind of favors a reindeer. Also has a naughty streak.
Voila - All of a sudden, here she is.
Volga - A river in Russia that flows into the Caspian Sea.

- W -

Wahine - A Hawaiian woman. Your aloha puppy.
Waikiki - Probably the best known beach in Hawaii. It's located in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Walda - German - A famous ruler. This German Shepherd dog is master of the backyard.
Wanda - German - A person who wanders. This girl dog just doesn't recognize her boundaries.
Waneth - English - A person with a pale face.
Watusi - The people of Burundi and Rwanda.
Welkin - An old term for the sky. This girl dog loves the outdoors.
Wendy - The female lead in Disney's Peter Pan.
Wenona - American Indian - The 1st born or eldest daughter. A terrific name for your 1st born girl dog.
Whimsy - "There's no accounting for my ideas."
Whisper - "I have the softest voice of any dog you've ever heard."
Whitney - The highest mountain in the lower 48 United States. It's located in California.
Wilda - German - An untamed person. A great name for the dog that is hard to train.
Wildfire - "Once I start barking, I'm hard to stop."
Wilhelmina or Willa - German - The diligent guardian. A fantastic name for your Rottweiller or German shepherd.
Willow - She is long, graceful, and limber.
Winifred - German - A peaceful friend. This dog doesn't want any part of a dog-fight.
Winifred - A 7th century Welsh nun. She became a saint.
Winola - German - A very gracious and charming friend.
Witch - An excellent name for your black dog.
Wren - The name for a pet with a great singing voice.
Wynn - Welsh - A term meaning white. Your white-haired dog would love this name.

- X -

Xanthe - Greek - Means yellow or blonde colored. A wonderful name for your collie dog.
Xaviera - Spanish - The owner of a new house.
Xenia - Greek - Very receptive and open. This dog is extremely easy to train.
Xhosa - A certain group of people who live in South Africa.
Xylia - Greek - One who comes from the forest.

- Y -

Yaffa - Hebrew - Very pretty.
Yalu - An Asian river that flows into the Yellow Sea.
Yang - Chinese - The sun. This dog just loves to sun-bathe.
Yangtze - A river that flows through China, Tibet and then into the Yellow Sea. It's the 3rd longest river on Earth.
Yen - Chinese - A craving or desire. This girl dog is always begging.
Yenta - Yiddish - A woman who loves to gossip. Do not tell this pet your secrets!
Yoko - John Lennon's widow. Another good pet name for your Oriental breed of dog.
Yolanda - Greek - The violet flower.
Yucca - A popular garden shrub with pointed, needle-like leaves.
Yvette - English - Yew-bow.
Yvonne - French - An archer or the wood used for bows.

- Z -

Zada - Arabic - An extremely fortunate person. A great pet name for the dog that is adopted from an animal shelter.
Zambezi - One of the great rivers of Africa.
Zambia - A country located in southern Africa.
Zanzibar - An island off the eastern coast of Africa. It forms a part of Tanzania.
Zara - Hebrew - Sunrise.
Zea - Latin - A grain. A great name for the tiniest of dogs.
Zelda - Your treasure-hunt dog.
Zera - Hebrew - Seeds.
Zeta - The 6th letter of the Greek alphabet.
Zilla - Hebrew - A shadow. This dog follows you, everywhere you go.
Zipporah - The wife of Moses.
Zita - The patron saint of servants.
Zoe - Greek - Life.
Zona - Latin - A belt or girdle.
Zora - Slavic - An aurora or dawn. This dog brightens up any room that she enters.
Zsa-Zsa - "I'm a high-maintenance pet."
Zuleika - Arabic - A fair and brilliant person. This dog is part of an intelligent breed of canine.