Most Popular Indian Dog Names in Hindi

Popular Hindi Dog Names

Dogs aren't that popular in India but those who own them like to give them a unique and long lasting name. Although there aren't many breeds of dogs that India is known for, still there are some which truly belong to the land of Hindus (although India is a land of people belonging to diverse religions and castes). Some of the popular breeds of dogs in India are - Rajapalayam, Combai, Kanni, Indian Mastiff or Bulli, Mudhol Hound, Jonangi, and Gaddi Kutta.

There are many articles on the web which have detailed information about the above mentioned breed dogs. This article is for those people who owns one of these Indian dogs and are unable to decide what name they give to their pet so that it comes running towards them wagging its tail when they call him. Given below are some of the most popular names in Hindi language for the dogs.

Hindi is actually written in the Devanagari script and uses some Sanskrit words as well, but for the sake of the readers of this blog, which we assume are mainly English speaking, we will try to write the Hindi words representing dog names in English along with their meaning for easy understanding.

Alphabetically Listed Hindi Dog Names

1. Aashiq - It means lover. If you love your dog you will shore love him. This is suitable for male dogs.

2. Akbar - This name actually was the name of great Mughal emperor who is well respected in India for the way he ruled India by giving true respect to religions of all community.

3. Akshay - Means imperishable, indefectible, everlasting. It also means sacred. One of the popular bollywood (Indian filma industry) star's is named after it. You can search who is (I know you know it).

4. Bala - It means Babe or Girl, a Siren to be correct. This name is quite popular for female dogs in India.

5. Bhola - It means innocent. This name is perfect for simple minded and gullible dog.

6. Buddhu - Do you have a thick headed pet dog? If yes, the name 'Buddhu' is perfect for it. It means 'goofy'.

7. Chay Wala - This is new one and is getting popular by the day. Don't ask me the reason. It literally means 'Tea Seller'.

8. Dhulmul - It means the one with wavering mind. A dog that is hesitant should be named 'Dhulmul' in hindi.

9. Dhoni - Well MS Dhoni is one of the most popular cricket captain of Indian team. With love people like to name their pet after his name. Captain himself is a dog lover.

10. Dilbar - Good name for a dog which is a 'sweet darling' of yours.

11. Diggi - A nickname of popular politican is also a popular dog name in land of over 125 billion people.

12. Eeshwar - It means 'God'. In India everything is considered as a forms of god. Even inside dog the god lives. If you have similar feeling seeing your dog - go for this name. But be careful as it might not be liked by few.

13. Hina - In India the ladies use myrtle to create tattoos and designs on hands and legs on happy occasions. It is related with happiness. It is used as a name for female dogs in India. Also a film was made by this name in which a beautiful actress from nearby nation Pakistan featured.

14. kalu - it is a sweetened name for a black dog. In Hindi blank means kala.

15. Lolo - It does not mean anything. It is like a 'lol' in English which people use this days in conversation. Mostly used for female pups.

16. Laddu - Actually a name for sweet made of gram flour and sweetener like sugar in India. It is round is shape. This name is especially given to small puppies who are round in shape and sweet looking (all puppies look sweet).

17. Motu  - fat dogs are named mota or motu.

18 Noopur - means anklet which is an ornament for the feet. It has small bells which make sound when someone wearing it moves. Among the local women and men it is known by the name 'payal'.

19. Om Kar - Om is a sound of cosmos from which everything is believed to have materialized. It is a name with good weight that can make your pet look standing in a different queue from others.

20. Raju - it means one which is happy in any situation. If your dog is adjustable nature and is happy chappy  - name it raju.

21. Sikander - Alexander the great is called 'Sikander' in Hindi. Not much I need to say after that.

22. Tiger - it is actually English word but is used as it is in Hindi. Although Cheetah is its meaning in Hindi, but tiger is much more popular for naming pups.

23. Usha - means Dawn or Morn. Used for female doggies.

24. Vasundhara - means beautiful earth. 

Some other popular doggy names

While traveling across India people are seen calling their dogs with these others names which have no meaning in a true sense - aloo, bhuriya, bhok, chutiya, dholu, fussy, gabru, golu, gujju, kaliya, kuchu, lobu, monu, nata, nicky, omygod, poku, quotestu, savita, tipty, ubuntu, vizak, whola, yakub, zero.

Some Suggestions For naming Dogs

  1. Don't name your dog with the name similar to the name of the dog of your neighbor. If you do, you will face many problems like - the other dog might come and sleep with you if you just take the name of your dog with love, the two dogs can end up at same place at same time resulting in a fight.
  2. Don't name your dogs on the name of your family members. This might result in a homely fight and thus affecting the cordial relations.
  3. Try and see which name your dog likes. Just murmur few names in front of your dog and note down the one by hearing which the doggy wags its tail the most. It is a clear sign that the dog wants that name.
  4. Avoid naming dogs after the names of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Someone might file a case against you blaming you for hurting his/her religious feelings if you do so.
  5. Don't you ever try to change the name of dog after few years of naming ceremony. Just like you, dogs take great pride in their name. Changing name of dogs can create whole sort of problems for them, including their relationships with other dogs. Although they might still use their nose to smell pick the correct buddy.
  6. Take great care for naming the dogs, especially if you have bought the street dog. The street dogs usually don't like pet dogs. If the street dog hear a name of a foe he might loose his temper and attack you.
I hope that the dog names mentioned in this article ( for Hindi dogs) will help you in naming your dog and also you will keep in mind the suggestions listed above.